Monday, April 27, 2009

Joyfully Reviewed review of Audra and Stella Prices' Gifts

Jo said:
"Gifts is the third book in the Djinn series and this time Janey and Marsh face something even worse than the worst type of criminal – family. Janey learns that being the consort and bride of this particular Djinn is much more than it seems and together they learn that fate is giving them a very special gift. You would expect a top assassin and a Djinn to be uncaring in what goes on around them, but I have never found this to be so with Janey and Marsh. In Gifts I found out exactly how much they do love each other and the lengths they both will go to for the other. Of course there was the violence to go along with the love and passion, but what else can you expect when you have a loving consort who is a top assassin and an ages old Djinn who has finally fallen for a woman and will protect what’s his. For those following Janey and Marsh and their courtship, Gifts is a can’t-miss-book because of everything you will learn. However, if this is your first Djinn book, I believe you will definitely want to go back and find the others once you’ve read Gifts. I can’t wait until the next chapter of Janey and Marsh’s journey as they head toward their happily ever after."

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