Sunday, April 26, 2009

Joyfully Reviewed review of Jade Falconer's "Eye Of The Beholder"

Ley said:

"Two men from two different worlds prove that opposites certainly do attract in Jade Falconer’s "Eye of the Beholder." This was a fantastic story. Victor is very soft and delicate in appearance but don’t let appearances fool you, Victor has a weapon in his words. But I found Victor’s attitude was his way of protecting himself, in reality he was very insecure about his art, and how people may perceive him, but he was not one to show that on the outside. Ben was awesome! He’s this big beautiful brawny construction worker who has nothing in common with someone like Victor except that he also could not see his own worth. I like them together because they had a special love without being schmaltzy. Normally I love the sweet and mushy romances but it would not have fit for Victor and Ben. Ms Falconer did a great job with these characters and I enjoyed reading "Eye of the Beholder.""

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