Friday, April 24, 2009

Joyfully Reviewed review of Stevie Woods' Beyond the Veil

Cassie said:

"Despite the rather dark subject matter (slavery), I really enjoyed Beyond the Veil. David's terror as he realizes what will happen to him is both believable and wrenching. I also felt for Robert, whose guilt over the past drives him to save as many as he can. Both men are strong, intelligent, stubborn, and preyed upon by guilt. I really liked reading the slow evolution of their relationship. Due to the nature of Robert's life, there's a lot of conflict and some action as Robert works to help David locate and free his friends from the ship. While the dark subject matter and elements of violence are not for everyone, if you like historicals and stories of people finding redemption and love, you're sure to enjoy Beyond the Veil as I did."

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