Monday, May 11, 2009

Erotic Horizon review of Jenna Byrnes' "Born To Run"

The reviewer said:
"I am a funny sort of reader and recently I find myself focusing on one author until I have exhausted all their work, before moving onto another one. My current fascination is with (Jenna Byrnes). I have had the pleasure to have reviewed a few of Ms. (Byrnes') book and not only are they a fun read but she has a keen imagination in adding new twist and slants to age old plot and there is a sense of humour to her writing that I have come to expect, no matter which book I read by her.

I really love this book and in my opinion Ms. (Byrnes) has done something few authors have been able to do – she written a second book in a series that is actually better than her first. If I had to make a negative comment about this book – it’s that, this should have been longer – really, I had a good time meeting Bobby and Sam and i hated having to leave them so soon."

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