Monday, May 11, 2009

Erotic Horizon review of Jenna Byrnes' "Hungry Heart"

The reviewer said:

"I also liked the fact that the author gave us a glimpse of how the men would be dealing with their partnerships as well the fact that they have a twenty year tradition to uphold. With three new people coming into their life’s, their friendship of so many years was not trivialise for the new dynamic of love interest or pushed under the carpet for the sake of being with the one they now call their life partner. We know how they are going to make it happen and make it work in the future - it was sweet.

I loved the fact that we got to see what the other two men and their respective partners were getting up to. The few hilarious moment of the book was down to them and it was well time and I laughed out loud at quite alot of their antics."

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