Sunday, May 10, 2009

Joyfully Reviewed review of Brenna Lyons' The Last of Fion's Daughters

Patrice F. Joyfully Recommended Brenna's epic tale!

"The Last of Fion’s Daughter’s is a wonderfully chronicled epic that’s illustrated in a series of tales that examine this era in Kegin history from multiple angles. Gender roles are perfectly balanced in terms of action and communication, cause and effect, self empowerment and self assertion, a key psychological note in Ms. Lyons’ character development that I’ve come to love and can’t seem to get enough of. Everything you could wish for in a novel is here: back-scratching high voltage sex, superior world building, non-stop action and remarkable, engaging characters. This is top notch progressive Fantasy/Sci Fi at its finest, loaded to the nines with Celtic mythology/lore influences. If you haven’t read or discovered this author by now then I Joyfully Recommend there’s no time like the present."

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