Saturday, May 2, 2009

Joyfully Reviewed review of Emma Wildes' "Servicing Lady Tremayne"

Indy said:

"Ms. Wildes puts the “Wild” in some of the most erotic stories I’ve had the pleasure of reading. This historical tale of a clandestine love affair between a couple at the opposite ends of society, provided me with another reason why I’m always on the look out for her upcoming projects. "Servicing Lady Tremayne" is told during a time when position and suitability are held to rigid standards. With the help of Ms. Wildes creative pen, Thomas and Tremayne found a way to still come together on their own terms, succulently enjoying all they desired and more. "Servicing Lady Tremayne" is a great story that is rich with passion and one I’m sure will be enjoyed. "

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