Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Joyfully Reviewed review of Jade Falconer's Wicked Game

Ley said:
"I enjoyed reading this story. Niels was such a charming character, it was no surprise he was able to bring out of Richard feelings and needs he never knew he possessed. At first Richard came across to me as cold and very uncaring, but that quickly changed. Underneath the arrogant, dominant demeanor he put forth there was an insecure man who had a need for Niels that left him shaken. Jade Falconer did a great job, in her creation of these two characters, as well as the Wicked Game storyline. It embodied all of the quintessential elements of a historical romance, an envious antagonist who will stop at nothing to have what don't belong to him and lovers from different social classes afraid to open their hearts to each other for fear of rejection. Wicked Game is a recommended read."

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