Sunday, May 10, 2009

Joyfully Reviewed review of Marie Rochelle's The Men of CCD: Loving True

Patrice F. said:

"Loving True is a sensuous drama that would work quite well in movie format. There are countless slice-of-life vignettes involving True and Hayward that bring them closer together and reveal their innermost depths. This allowed me to become as emotionally entangled as they were. I can appreciate Marie Rochelle’s ability to carefully construct a novel that is contemporary with elements of early romance. She subtly addresses various concerns such as intolerance in such a way that I was aware without the story being overshadowed by the ugliness of it. Instead, she uses it as a way to demonstrate Hayward’s connection to the woman he loves and his willingness to protect her. True reveals her strength and strong sense of self without anger and self-victimization.

Labels are limiting, and I feel that Marie Rochelle has created a strong niche for her writing in this genre that distinguishes her from everything else."

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