Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Literary Nymphs review of Dahlia Rose and Crymsyn Hart's "How To Ruin Easter For a Werewolf"

Scandalous Minx gave the duo's paranormal romance 4.5 Nymphs.

"This is one of my first experiences with the combination writing style of Dahlia Rose and Crymsyn Hart and "How to Ruin Easter for a Werewolf" was a wonderful introduction to this duo. I found myself laughing and fanning so much that I hated to see the story end. Is there a dull moment in this book? No, not one! I found myself feeling sorry for Sebastian a few times, but then thought about it and realized he knew exactly what he was getting when he chose Demona. The cast of character’s range from sassy to sneaky and each adds something unique to the book. I felt like I was reading a very adult version of Alice in Wonderland. There are small doses of action and suspense laced throughout the tale, with enough sexual scenes to require a fan and a tall drink of water. If you’ve enjoyed previous books in what I’m calling “How to Ruin” series, then pick up a copy of "How to Ruin Easter for a Werewolf," you won’t be disappointed."

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