Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Literary Nymphs review of Marie Rochelle's "Lucky Charms"

Scandalous Minx gave Marie's interracial romance 4 Nymphs.

"After reading "Lucky Charms," I could see both characters’ side clearly. Patrick is a man who knows his worth and wants a woman to recognize it without glamour trappings to lure her to him. Ingrained with the concept of not settling at a young age, Jada still holds a firm belief in that way of thinking. I was pleased to see the extent Patrick was willing to go for Jada’s love and pleased that while Jada fought the attraction, she acknowledged where her heart lay without Patrick going “caveman” on her. Marie Rochelle, as always, has brought a delightful interracial relationship for our reading pleasure, and I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings to us next."

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