Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happily Ever After Reviews review of Mahalia Levey's "Embrace the Moment: Semper Paratus"

LynnMarie gave Mahalia's erotic romance 4.5 Tea Cups.

"Mahalia Levey is a gifted writer and certainly has a way with words. Everything flowed smoothly and naturally in this book and kept my interest until the end. Her characters jumped to life with their well defined personalities and snappy dialogue. The mix of love, duty, emotion, and nail-biting suspense made "Embrace the Moment" a winner. If you want to read something truly unique that will touch your heart, you have to pick up your copy of Mahalia Levey's novella, "Embrace the Moment." I eagerly await her next book because it's sure to be an engaging read."

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