Saturday, July 31, 2010

Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Review review of Mychael Black's "Repertoire: Cardiff"

Tiger Lily gave this M/M Urban Phaze tale 4.5 Cherries.

"A Vampire and a Dragon meet and have a sizzling affair. Sounds like the start of a dirty joke, but "Repertoire: Cardiff" is anything but. I know when I open a Mychael Black story,I'm going to be entertained. This is another great story...I liked it...The plot is complex and kept me in my seat until the last page. Every time I thought one thing would happen, it wasn't what I thought and it worked out perfectly. If you want a story that's filled with passion, heart, and a healthy dose of fire, then you need to read "Repertoire: Cardiff." I give this story 4.5 Cherries."

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