Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Siren Book Reviews review of Stevie Woods' "Phaze Binary Stars 5: The Partners and The Guardian - The Heliotrope"

Kayden McLeod gave this Phaze Binary Stars anthology 4.5 Siren Stones.

""Binary Stars 5: The Heliotrope - The Partners (Book One)" by Stevie Woods is a sizzling erotic M/M romance that demands your full attention from page one...I adored these believable and multifaceted characters, who plough through the story to their goals in impassioned scenes that will get your blood pumping, and begging for more...gladly, there is, in the second installment within this anthology..."Binary Stars 5: The Heliotrope - The Guardian (Book Two)", much like the first installment, pulled me in from the get go...Hot love scenes were coupled with fluid prose and editing, making this a great overall read. I loved this anthology, with both installments from Stevie Woods, and will be looking for more in The Heliotrope series."

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