Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ebook Addict review of Megan Hussey's "Angel on Fire"

Meav said:

"I could immediately identify with the heroine, Blythe, because she was a woman who ate real food (cheeseburgers with extra fries!), was sometime self-conscious about getting naked in front of a man, and yet was comfortable with herself. She just reminded me of a million women I know and this added depth to her character for me. Then you throw in a sexy otherworldly stripper, Rainyn, who hungers for her and presto! I am in love with the book! The sex scenes were graphic and!..I would definitely not mind reading more of this author's books, especially if they are a continuation for this group of sexy "gentlemen of the evening."..Any reader looking for a steamy short read should definitely bet on "Angel on Fire" fitting the bill."

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