Monday, December 6, 2010

The Romance Reviews review of Kev Henley's Lichess

Paige gave Kev's first Phaze Books release 5 Stars! Way to go!

"Wow, I'm positive I've found an author to add to my favorite authors list! This novella had so many interesting situations and the story was so amazing, like nothing I have ever heard before that it would feel wrong to go into the full details. This is a novella where readers would really need to sit back and read and involve themselves in the story to enjoy...My, my, my! This novella was surprisingly amazing. The erotic elements in this erotic novella were used to complement the story, unlike other erotic romances that I've read...Basically I thought this book had it all for my tastes-sensuality, love, danger, fear, strength, discussions, action, etc...I can't wait for more novellas or novels of enjoyable complexity from Kev Henley!"

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