Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sensual Reads review of Shawn Bailey's "Cherish"

Elise gave Shawn's M/M erotic romance 4 Stars.

""Cherish" is a lot of fun to read as we watch these two grown and fall in love...The plot was interesting and sad at the same time to see what can happen to celebrities. Run out and buy the story so you will have something to Cherish. Then keep an eye out for future stories by Shawn Bailey."

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The Romance Studio review of Brenna Lyons' "Daughters of Man: Prize Match"

Susan P. gave this paranormal tale 4 Hearts.

""Prize Match" is part of the Angel-Wing Saga. It can be read as a stand alone. Although this is a very short story, it is richly detailed and action-packed...I truly enjoyed both the story and Ms. Lyons' writing style. I would recommend starting with "Sons of Heaven: Beldon" for those who wish for more background info but "Prize Match" can be enjoyed on its own."

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Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews review of Shawn Bailey's "Cherish"

Coreopsis gave Shawn's first Phaze Books release 5 Cherries! Excellent!

"This was a fabulous story filled with one conflict after another. So many things come to light in the last chapter that brings this tale together and wraps it up into a neat, fulfilling package. The author wrote very believable characters that I became invested in. I really liked how the story had a lot of dialogue between the characters; I really felt a part of their love story. "Cherish" is a very entertaining book and I completely recommend giving this romance a read."

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Elisa Rolle review of Michelle Houston's "Blood Slave"

Elisa wrote:

"I was used to the shapeshaifter short stories by Michelle Houston and so I neglected this novella collecting together two vampire romances. The two stories are tightly connected and are about an interesting theory...vampirism is a virus and the virus was genetically mutated to spread also another "damage", blindness. (In) "Where The Blind Leads"...I liked the contrast between the Master/slave relationship that was "corrected" by the blindness of the Master..."

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

BlackRaven's Reviews review of Brenna Lyons' "Daughters of Man: Prize Match"

Olivia gave this paranormal romance 5 Ravens and called it a Recommended Read! Great job!

"I thoroughly enjoyed "Daughters of Man: Prize Match" by Ms. Lyons. She was able to create a whole new world...Overall, I thoughts "Prize Match" was a wonderfully delightful story to read. It has the right amount of eroticism to keep things spicy, but the love you feel blossom between Sabine and Sahtahn is so sweet that you'll wish the story kept going on."

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Siren Book Reviews review of Piers Anthony's Relationships 4

Rhonda Callum-King gave this single-author anthology 5 Siren Stones! Excellent!

"Relationships 4 by PiersAnthony is a must read for anyone tired of the same perfect boy meets beautiful girl and they live happily ever after style romance tale...This trip to the other side, as it were, is worth taking...Piers Anthony's Relationships 4 is a wonderful read for anyone looking for something a bit "bad side of town.""

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Siren Book Reviews review of Michelle Houston's "Private Eyes"

Sally Sapphire gave this hot collection 4 Siren Stones.

"...Michelle defines each of the women beautifully, providing just enough background and context to create erotic and meaningful stories, rather than just individual scenes of sex. Crazy, wild, and undeniably hot, "Private Eyes" is definitely worth a read."

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Siren Book Reviews review of Silver Wings: Homoerotic Steampunk Adventures

Stacey Krug gave this steampunk collection 4.5 Stones.

"Overall, I enjoyed this anthology and the creative takes on the theme the authors used. I found the inventions, innovations, and fantasy with a foothold in an altered earth history to be very entertaining. If you enjoy steampunk romance then try out Silver Wings."

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Joyfully Reviewed review of Kasey Moone's "Her Snowbound Knight"

Nikita Steele wrote:

""Her Snowbound Knight" had me bowing over with uncontrollable laughter one minute and then, in the very next taking shallow breaths as my heart rate increased from the naughty sex play...So, if you are searching for a brief, fun-filled but wicked tale, then look no further than Kasey Moone's "Her Snowbound Knight.""

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The Romance Studio review of Michelle Houston's "Her Majesty's Maiden"

Athena gave this F/F erotic romance 5 Hearts! Way to go, Michelle!

"As a fan of Ms. Houston's works, I was astonished by this book. The story is so heartfelt, it practically comes alive before your eyes. Incredibly enough, I almost found myself searching on Google to see if this story had any basis in facts, for it was so real and so effortless to believe in...As Ms. Houston's first attempt at Historical Romance, I take my hat off and say "bravo" and urge all historical romances' fans out there to read this story. I will be eagerly waiting for her next book, hoping she will brave using her amazing skills at a longer and deeper piece."

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Night Owl Reviews review of Melody Lane's "Rock of Ages"

Bookgrrl1976 gave this rockin' tale 4 Stars.

""Rock of Ages" is a cute second chance love story, that...offers a glance at the beginning of Lisa and Gerry's happily ever after."

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Night Owl Reviews review of Paige Bennett's "The Awakening of Alyce"

Bookgrrl1976 gave Paige's first Phaze Books release 3.25 Stars.

"I really enjoy second chance romances because the history and bonds are there...All in all, a quick enjoyable read."

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Night Owl Reviews review of Marie Rochelle's "So Much Better"

CYD gave this interracial erotic romance 3.75 Stars.

"I enjoyed this romance. It was nice to see a romance where the hero was grieving over a woman who didn't have to be revealed as a cheater, a harridan or have some other flaw just so that the heroine more than measures up."

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