Sunday, July 31, 2011

Joyfully Reviewed review of Aliyah Burke's "Born to Fly: Wild as the Wind"

Nikita Steele wrote:

"Fans of Aliyah Burke's "Born to Fly" series are in for (a real) treat with her third installment, "Wild as the Wind." This novel featured the eldest Stark brother and the woman gutsy enough to capture his heart...Tie in a super hot romance and you have yourself an impressive storyline in "Wild as the Wind". Enjoy!"

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Joyfully Reviewed review of Shermaine Williams' "The Second Challenge"

Nikita Steele wrote:

"I found Shermaine Williams' "The Second Challenge" to be a quick, spicy read that curled my toes. Whew! The sexual play was wickedly naughty and very passionate...I can't wait to see what Benjamin's next challenge will be. Even though Ms. Williams has not labeled this as a series, "The Second Challenge" does have a predecessor entitled "The Challenge", which focuses on Amanda and Benjamin's initial challenge. Both novellas can be enjoyed as standalones."

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Ebook Addict review of Brenna Lyons' Night Warriors - Book One

Kathy K. wrote:

"...Night Warriors took my breath away. Ms. Lyons has succeeded--wildly I might add--in making the vampire legend new and fresh...Brenna Lyons has, with each book, each series of hers that I've read, confirmed that she consistently brings to intense and very vibrant life characters who are never perfect but are, nonetheless, intriguing...If you think the paranormal genre has given its best, that now there's little that's new or interesting, then I challenge you to investigate the storytelling of Brenna Lyons; with Night Warriors you may just discover--as I did--that there's something new from something old."

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The Romance Studio review of Alyssa Morgan's "The Warlord's Promise"

Grace gave this historical romance 5 Hearts! Way to go, Alyssa!

"Ms. Morgan's tale, though short, is an excellent erotic read where love is made -- it's not just a one night sexual romp. This author knows how to heat up the bed sheets and keep them cooking while bringing out the personality, flaws and desires of her characters, leaving her reader with a warm glow after the warlord keeps his promise."

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Manic Readers review of Aylia Ryvelt's In the Service of Desire

Alberta gave this BDSM erotic romance 5 Stars! Excellent!

"I loved In the Service of Desire, the descriptions, the conflicts, the changing goals, the differing motivations, the changing feelings are all beautifully described, and the reader is drawn in immediately."

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two Lips Reviews review of K.T. Grant's "Burning for You"

Tina gave this M/M erotic romance 5 Lips and a 2-Pepper heat rating! Way to go!

""Burning for You" by K.T. Grant is a sweet love story...They are sweet characters and I was sad to see them go at the end. Hope to read many more stories from Ms. Grant in the future-so far I really like the real heart-stealing characters she brings to life."

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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Readers Roundtable review of Julia Davies' "Out of the Shadows"

Jaymes gave this paranormal M/M tale 4.5 Gold Crowns.

"This story was filled with more ups and downs and twists and turns than a roller coaster but it was well worth the ride...Jai and Dane are such wonderfully crafted characters with all the flaws and willingness to overcome you could ever want in such a great couple..."Out of the Shadows" is a great story. Ms. Davies has quite a lovely cast that, personally, I'd like to see more of."

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The Readers Roundtable review of Shawn Bailey's "Cherish"

Jaymes gave this M/M erotic romance 4 Golden Crowns.

""Cherish" by Shawn Bailey is a sweet, tear-jerker romance with two amazing characters..."Cherish" is a wonderful story, rounded out by two of the best characters I've read in a while...I look forward to reading more from Shawn Bailey."

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The Romance Reviews review of Marie Rochelle's A Rancher's Promise

Ann gave this interracial romance 3 Stars.

"Marie Rochelle has written a delectable romantic novel that keeps you turning the pages...The author's sense of humor comes out in the portrayal of her characters...The length of this novel makes it the perfect read for a rainy afternoon. The story moves quickly and holds your interest from the beginning to the end."

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Joyfully Reviewed review of Brenna Lyons' "Daughters of Man: Prize Match"

Patrice F. wrote:

"I like the overall setting and culture of the Sakk...The fact that the story takes place on Sakk ignites the need to see and experience more of the planet...Whatever my reasoning, this series has as much promise and staying power as the Kegin series provided it's given an equal share of time and attention...Overall, this was a racy, original intro for the first book of the subseries, and it left me greedy for more to come..."Daughters of Man: Prize Match" merely whet my appetite for the next installment."

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The Romance Reviews review of A.R. Moler's "Close to Home"

Rho gave this menage erotic romance 5 Stars! Great job!

""Close to Home" is a fantastic erotic short with the perfect blend of plot, character development, and amazing chemistry between the main characters. It came together perfectly and left me impressed by the author, A.R. Moler...I love this story. The author did a fantastic job of getting insight into each of the main characters, so that we get the sense of how their relationship developed while making it believable. Also, I loved the sensuality of the story...This is my first experience with A.R. Moler's work, but I have to tell you, I was so impressed with this, I will definitely be seeking out more of her books in the future."

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Night Owl Reviews review of Marie Rochelle's Alpha Male Incorporated: Under Your Protection

Areil White gave Marie's interracial romance 3.25 Stars.

"For avid romance readers or multicultural readers, it is definitely worth your time."

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Night Owl Reviews review of Shawn Bailey's "Cherish"

Terrihawk gave this best-selling story 4 Stars.

"Shawn Bailey does a good job pulling the reader along for the ride as a sweet relationship evolves..."Cherish is a very good story...I was pleased with the resolution of the story. When I see another romance from Shawn Bailey, I will not hesitate to pick it up. This one has angst, love, drama, and a satisfying HEA."

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Night Owl Reviews review of Stephanie Morris' "Caught Up in the Moment: That One Night"

Areil White gave this interracial romance 3.5 Stars.

"Pros: Good overall concept and characters. The passion of Jonas always wanting to come to Teagan's rescue. A Happily Ever After."

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Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews review of Yvette Hines' "Heated Restraints: Apprehension"

Dogwood gave this BDSM installment 4 Cherries.

"Yvette Hines did a great job of combining romance and suspense into one good short story. I found myself easily pulled into the characters anticipating (their) next move. The love scenes were very HOT and I could not help but read this story from beginning to end non-stop...I found no grammar or spelling errors, and the story flowed well, making me glad I picked this story to review. I will be keeping it as a favorite, and possibly reread it again in the future. Do you like a little mystery and suspense thrown into your hot love story? Well this story is for you!"

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Were Vamps Romance review of Sapphire Phelan's A Familiar Tangle With Hell

Melissa gave Sapphire's second Familiar offering 5 Stars! Way to go!

"Sapphire Phelan's writing style is (superb). The way she lays out the Underworld, to her fast-paced storyline, and the awesome characters she creates. This very steamy romance and hot sex story was a fantastic read. I really enjoy the originality of this series, and I am looking forward to reading any (that) follows this one."

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

BlackRaven's Reviews review of Shawn Bailey's "Cherish"

Lea gave Shawn's best-selling Phaze title 3.5 Ravens.

"I found "Cherish" to be a very interesting book...I think Shawn Bailey's book wouold be a good one to add to your summer reading stack. It has solid characters, moves at a good pace, encourages some out of the box thinking and has an HEA ending."

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Night Owl Reviews review of Silver Wings: Homoerotic Steampunk Adventures

Josie gave this steampunk collection 4 Stars.

""Nothing Ventured" (by Cari Z) is a fun foray into the mind of an inventor...("Spoils of War" by Ross Baxter)...the concept of this story was fun..."Surface Tension" (by JT Whitehall) is a solid story. I liked the plot thread about Shel's mother, her sickness, and her wheelchair contraption..."Steamy Surrender" (by Mahalia Levey) was a hot read for women...I found the menage a trois sexy...the female hysteria angle was interesting and the steampunk sex toy was a crack up."

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The Romance Reviews review of "Phaze Binary Stars 9: Prelude and Discovery"

DH Starr gave this two-author collection 4 Stars.

"In reading both of these short stories, I found myself engrossed by the emotions that the characters experienced as they discovered new things about themselves...both authors did a fantastic job of bringing the reader into the heads of their main heroes and showing us the struggle/surprise as each learns something new aobut themselves...this book was a good read, one I definitely recommend. The fact that it really had me contemplating the lifestyle and that I could feel the emotions was a strong point."

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