Monday, September 26, 2011

BlackRaven's Reviews review of G.A. Hauser's All Man

Margaret gave this erotic M/M novel 4.5 Ravens.

"All Man is a sweet love story that occurs in the middle of the midwest and unites and Oregon-raised Air Force officer with a New york-raised physical therapist...The book is well written and is more or less presented in two parts - before Iraq and after. The characters are suited to each other and fun to get to know. The story ends with a great HEA that is very realistic, despite the fact that Gary's relationship with his parents remains unresolved. This is a good love story that ends happily."

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Night Owl Reviews review of Alyssa Morgan's "The Warlord's Promise"

Chris gave this best-selling story 4 Stars.

"Romantic in a rough kind of way, this was a delightful read...A very steamy read that is a bit stark at times due to the era it is written in. A true love story."

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The Romance Studio review of Kendal Corbitt's "Fire on the Water"

Jaye Leyel gave this fiery tale 5 Hearts! Great job!

"This was an enjoyable and intensely sexy read. The author has created a beautiful setting and describes the area and that of Cole's home quite well. The reader feels both her pain and her intense attraction to Cole...The story comes to an exciting and very satisfying conclusion, but not without the reader poised at the edge of her chair."

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The Romance Studio review of Paige Bennett's "Lust and Found"

Bec gave this hot tale 4 Hearts.

"From the beginning this story was intense, drawing me as a reader in with the dilemma of the car accident, and Kadesha taking something from the car that she shouldn't have. The plot was fast-paced and well-written, not to mention very energetic when it came to the characters and their involvement with the case to be solved...The sex senes were adventurous and written to show how meeting the right person can happen when you least expect it...Overall, "Lust and Found" was a great read that is worth reading and one I would definitely recommend."

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Night Owl Reviews review of Teresa Noelle Roberts'

Erona Diane Hill not only gave this fantastic erotic romance 4.5 Stars, she also called this story a Reviewer Top Pick! Way to go!

"It's about time! I am so sick and tired of so-called "perfect" heroines running around without even a single hint of a flaw other than their extreme lack of self-confidence!..At long last, I have stumble upon a heroine with flaws! And she's gorgeous!..Bravo, Teresa Noelle Roberts! Bravo!..What a fun and different read! I enjoyed it immensely and I know you will too!"

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Joyfully Reviewed review of Marie Rochelle's "Desire"

G Loch wrote:

""Desire" by Marie Rochelle is a very quick read. It is the perfect short story for a day at the beach or sunbathing poolside...what really made this story unique was that the male lead, Nick, was incredibly well written..."Desire" was incredibly well written in the aspect that the pacing never appeared to be rushed. The romance between the two main characters came off as realistic...If you are looking for a realistic interracial romance story driven by great dialogue and a delectable male lead, I would highly recommend "Desire" by Marie Rochelle."

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Joyfully Reviewed review of Stephanie Morris' "Caught Up in the Moment: That One Night"

G Loch wrote:

""Caught Up in the Moment" by Stephanie Morris is a story with a great premise. I find the story to be unique in the fact that the female lead is the person who's reluctant to begin a relationship with a friend..."Caught Up in the Moment" is one of several stories I have read by Ms. Morris. I greatly admire her ability to take a realistic setting and creating an intriguing dialog and conflict, keeping the reader glued to each page."

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Joyfully Reviewed review of Sapphire Phelan's "A Familiar Tangle With Hell"

Jo wrote:
"I found the relationship between Tina and Charun not only erotic (after all it is a witch and her familiar) but also extremely loving..."A Familiar Tangle With Hell" is a magical tug of war between Tina, Charun and Lucifer with assistance from certain heavenly helpers and demons."
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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Romance Studio review of Carlene Rae Dater's "Blood Lust"

Janie Esparza gave this paranormal erotic romance 4 Hearts.

"I enjoyed this paranormal romance story...The love scenes between them (Noah and Rachel) are hot."

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The Romance Reviews review of Julia Davies' "Out of the Shadows"

Valentina Heart gave this paranormal erotic romance 3 Stars.

"(The book) has a good plot, solid characters and is long enough to make you care."

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Queer Magazine Online review of "Phaze Binary Stars 9: Prelude and Discovery"

Serena Yates wrote:

""Prelude", by Jade Falconer, is a cute fairy tale-like story, as BDSM tales go..."Discovery", by Jack Greene, is as much fun to read, if totally different...Very cute."

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Kanti Burns review of Lisabet Sarai's Exposure

Kanti wrote:

"I loved this book. If you enjoy a good murder story, if you also read erotica from time to time, and if you find yourself hooked by this opening line - I strip for the fun of it. Don't let anyone tell you different - then this is the book for you."

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