Monday, March 26, 2012

Urban Fantasy Reviews review of Sapphire Phelan's A Familiar Tangle With Hell

Kathryn Koller-Ufr said this paranormal romance was a Good read.

"The book's sex scenes are well written and if you are a person who enjoys erotica I am pretty sure this would be a book you would enjoy...I thought the chemistry was rerally good and well written betwen Charun and Tina...Overall, I really enjoyed the book. It was a really fun read, and a good way to start after my temporary hiatus from book reading. I think people who enjoy paranormal romance and erotic will enjoy this book." 

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Night Owl Reviews review of Dama deNoche's The ABC's of BDSM

Terri gave Phaze Books' first non-fiction release 5 Stars and called it a Reviewer Top Pick! Wonderful!

"The ABC's of BDSM excellent reference guide if you are wanting to learn about BDSM or are already in it and want to learn's the play terms that are absolutely outstanding. Not only do you get what the term refers to but so much more. What are the risk factors? What kind of safety issues should be addressed? What should players be asking?..I absolutely loved this book and I have to highly recommend it to anyone who wants more information on BDSM. It would also make a great reference book. I did not find it dry or boring and I read it page by page. I learned some things including that Dama started a conference in teh Hampton Roads, VA area...It's a great book!" 

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Long and Short Reviews review of Leigh Ellwood's "Midnight Passions"

Stephantois gave this passionate tale 3.5 Stars.

"This story has a little bit of everything...I was taken by surprise when what I thought would be a regular romance turning into a delightful and sexy paranormal story...The dialogue was natural sounding and the pacing fast. "Midnight Passions" might be a good pick for you if you're a fan of hot contemporary romances with some surprise paranormal elements thrown into the mix." 

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Night Owl Reviews review of Marie Rochelle's Hunks: Too Hot to Touch

Beth Hardy gave this hot romance 3.75 Stars.

"I enjoyed this book...Overall, it was a good read."

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Fallen Angel Reviews review of Shermaine Williams' "Future Present"

Pam S. gave this sexy holiday tale 4 Angels.

"Alternative lifestyles have become the new fad between many couples. This story was interesting to read because it was the boyfriend who initiated the encounter...One thing I did like about the story is that Anna's love for her boyfriend never faltered, even when the passion of another man consumed her."

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You Gotta Read Reviews review of Piers Anthony's Relationships - Volume IV

Gabrielle gave this best-selling author's collection 3Stars.

"This book was an entertaining read. I often read books in another genre by this author so when I found this book I thought I would give it a try. I was not disappointed in the least. No matter what genre it is, I enjoy this author's writing style...After each story we get a short blurb from the writer on the story, which made them all the more interesting. As a reader, I enjoy finding out the inspiration for a story. I enjoyed each story and would be hard pressed to pick a favorite."

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Long and Short Reviews review of Zena Wynn's "Seduced by a Wolf"

Moonflower gave this Phaze best-selling romance 4 Stars.

"I didn't see this story coming. I was surprised by the religious undertones, hidden pasts and the eventual downfall of these three characters..."Seduced by a Wolf" is so full of secrets that I was constantly surprised. Ms. Wynn kept me wondering the whole time. She wove a fascinating tale with these three people that had me reluctant to put the book down...I experienced moments of anger, elation, and even distress while reading this book...If this book is any indication of Ms. Wynn's writing ability, she will have a new fan. She mesmerized me with her ability to write an interracial love story without race being a factor..."Seduced by a Wolf" is a sensual treat, with unbelievably shocking moments and tantalizing revelations. I enjoyed this page-turner from start to finish!"

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Sensual Reads review of Zena Wynn's "Seduced by a Wolf"

Candy gave this paranormal erotic romance 4.5 Stars.

"Zena Wynn takes a woman whose life is virtually controlled by the father of her fiance and offers her a chance at happiness...In a story filled with hot sex and violence, a beautifl love story unfolds."

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You Gotta Read Reviews review of Paige Bennett's "Lust and Found"

Rasia said this interracial romance is one You Want/Need to Read.

"It's a great story in a small package of suspense...The events that happened are very realistically described and I like how everything clicks at the end. A great read."

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Two Lips Reviews review of Yvette Hines' "Apprehension: Arrested Heart"

Neka gave this Apprehension installment 4.5 Lips and a 2-Pepper heat rating.

"Fans of Yvette Hines’ work will not be disappointed by Arrested Heart; it contains all that we’ve come to expect from Ms. Hines – an irresistible couple, subtle conflict, BDSM elements and smoking, hot sex. Arrested Heart is definitely worth a spot on your keeper shelf."

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