Sunday, March 11, 2012

Night Owl Reviews review of Dama deNoche's The ABC's of BDSM

Terri gave Phaze Books' first non-fiction release 5 Stars and called it a Reviewer Top Pick! Wonderful!

"The ABC's of BDSM excellent reference guide if you are wanting to learn about BDSM or are already in it and want to learn's the play terms that are absolutely outstanding. Not only do you get what the term refers to but so much more. What are the risk factors? What kind of safety issues should be addressed? What should players be asking?..I absolutely loved this book and I have to highly recommend it to anyone who wants more information on BDSM. It would also make a great reference book. I did not find it dry or boring and I read it page by page. I learned some things including that Dama started a conference in teh Hampton Roads, VA area...It's a great book!" 

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