Friday, November 23, 2012

Just Erotic Romance Reviews review of Asha King's "Wild Horses"

L.T. Blue gave this interracial romance 4.5 Stars and 3 Flames.

"Wild Horses is a fantastic story about a woman from the city and a man from the country. I enjoyed each and every antic by Dani from her sarcastic wit to her being obviously out of her element doing farming chores. Adam is an awesome cowboy, all gruff but sexy as heck doing it. Each argument between Dani and Adam creates a sexual spark that hovers on an inferno. The sexual foreplay sets you up for the raunchy sexual acts between Dani and Adam. Just in case I didn’t mention it, the sex is explosive, burn up the pages and makes you yearn for toys or your partner, sex in the barn, outside, or the house...Wild Horses has been added to my must rereads list for the summer and it was hard to let Dani and Adam go."

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